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There’s a scary thought for you..

Think of the top 5 things that you consistently do every day. Is it; have a cup of coffee in the morning? Read the morning newspaper? Gossip amongst co-workers? Go for an evening jog?

Now, alone, none of these activities are necessarily good, or bad. But the thing that really gives them power to positively or negatively affect your life, is making them a HABIT. When something becomes a habit, it is now something you do subconsciously without even thinking about it. There have been many books and articles written on the habits of successful people, and how these little things they do each day make a world of difference in their results!

Lets take a couple of my examples above, and see what potential affect these simple habits could have on your life, if you did them everyday for a year.. Lets take reading the morning newspaper. When was the last time that you read something positive and uplifting in the newspaper? Not to say that there isn’t anything useful or informative in there, but for the most part its filled with news of terrible things happening locally and around the world. Doom and gloom that makes the reader feel as though there’s no hope, bad things always happen in life, the world is a terrible and dangerous place. So what happens when you fill your mind with this type of information? Especially first thing in the morning.. You set the tone of your day to worrying, thinking pessimistically or perhaps just not feeling excited about life in general. Doing this everyday will NO DOUBT have a detrimental affect on your outlook towards life, the outside world and even your own life and circumstance.

No compare this to taking an evening jog everyday. What starts to happen to you when you start taking some time out of your day to exercise and clear your mind. Well for starters, you’re going to start building some muscle, getting stronger, having better endurance. Exercise has been proven to relieve stress, give you more energy, increase longevity. And you will probably be more inclined to chose healthy eating options to fuel your workouts! If you make a habit of this for a year, you could expect to feel better, have more energy, be less stressed, maintain a healthy body weight, be more productive and just overall FEEL BETTER!

So here’s a little exercise for you! Write down 5 habits (or more if you’d like), make a list of them on a sheet of paper. Now next to each habit, write down the affects this habit will have on your life if you were to continue doing it everyday for the next year, next 5 years, and next 10 years?!

Pretty powerful stuff hey? It can be easy to let “little” things slip by in our lives, but when these little things become habits, they become our way of being, they become WHO WE ARE. Who do you want to be? What do you want to achieve in your life? By being conscious of these little things and not letting them slip by in your life you can start to take control and be a powerful creator! Its the habits of successful people that got them to where they are today, and you can do the same thing in your own life.

I love the following quote, I think it fits in beautifully to what we talked about here today!

Watch your thoughts

Stay tuned, tomorrow we’ll talk more about habits, and how you can make success … or failure a habit in your life!

See you next time!