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What you really REALLY want!

Ooh, what’s that? You don’t know what you want?

Or maybe you have a vague idea? But you haven’t really taken the time to be specific about your personal goals and desires?..

Well, let me ask you this. If YOU, the creator of your life, don’t know what you want, how is it that you expect the Universe to deliver?

The truth is that WAY TOO MANY people get stuck on this simple, yet seemingly daunting task, and they never truly define what it is that they want. And then they go about their lives, just kind of floating around in mediocrity. Maybe not “unhappy”, but definitely not living the most fulfilled and inspired versions of their lives.

The point when the magic really starts to happen is when you have a crystal clear vision of exactly what it is that you want to have in your life. When you can see it and feel it and touch it, and in your mind its already there in front of you, that’s when your deepest desires start coming to life. When you reach that point, its such an amazing feeling, as things start to come into your life that you couldn’t have even imagined before! And the best part is, as you start attracting into your life the things you desire, and feeling better, and living in a higher vibration, you begin to ATTRACT even more of this awesomeness into your life! It starts an exciting upward spiral of everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

So how do you get to this point? The personal goal setting template that I have used, is to create a big picture, and then break it down into step by step goals. A great place to start is by picturing what you want your life to look like it 5 or 10 years? From there, you can work backwards and break it down into smaller goals. One step at a time. These smaller, more achievable goals are EXTREMELY important. You have to FULLY believe in what you are going after. If you don’t fully believe in yourself that you will make something happen, all your hard work and efforts are just being wasted.

Focus on the small things at first. It has a snowball effect. As you start to accomplish these smaller goals, that you ABSOLUTELY believe you can accomplish, you start to believe in yourself more. You start to get that winning feeling. You feel like you can achieve anything! Now, looking at the bigger goals, even the HUGE ones 5-10 years down the road, your mind can start to see those coming into your reality as well! See what happens, is that in achieving all these smaller goals first, you’ve programmed your mind for success, and that’s what you’ll continue to create!

Go ahead and write down where you see yourself being in 5-1o years. Then break these goals down into significant milestones. And then into goals that you can see yourself achieving within the next 2-6 months. This is your starting point! Don’t worry about the bigger goals for now. Get used to focusing on the NEXT STEP, and you will start feeling like your WINNING at this game we call life.

That wasn’t so hard was it?! Now that you know what you want, going out and getting it is a breeze!! Hope that helped you to gain a bit of clarity so you can start moving towards your goals! See you next time!